The only free fuzzy testing zero setup automated testing tool for iPhone apps.

Anteater is an automatic fuzzy testing tool for your mobile apps that runs without any setup - just link to our library and you're ready to go!

Android developers love anteater too as its Google Monkey for iPhone!

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As seasoned app developers, we know that any code change can affect a lot of things: it can cause a crash, create a memory leak or make one of your tests redundant. Whilst finding a crash is easy (assuming of course you can create just the right conditions to trigger it), but to find a memory leak or stop the slow erosion of your test suite requires a lot more effort. So, how can Anteater help?

  • Do you sanity check every screen after every code change? With Anteater you can!
  • Do you know how much memory your app uses after two, five or even 24 hours of use? Anteater to the rescue!
  • Do you know all the tests which your code change could break? Anteater embraces 'fuzzy testing': no more outdated tests!

Anteater automates the basic testing so you have more time to do more interesting things.

Benefits for your company

  • Automatic generation of professional testing reports perfect to send straight to stakeholders.
  • Improve the quaility of all your apps with effective Continous Integration Testing. Anteater means a free, dedicated tester working on your app 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Reduce technical management requirements for constantly evolving mobile projects.
  • Provide reassurance for app quality, stability and change management.
  • Give all your apps a basic test suite without increasing your costs, reducing development and maintenance overheads.
  • Catch more bugs before your customers see them.

Benefits for your team

  • Provide Automated Stability Testing with minimal setup.
  • Robust memory and leak testing without the effort.
  • Get all the information you need to quickly fix the problems Anteater finds: crash logs, console logs, screenshots of the userflow, and an instruments report.
  • Shrink your footprint with analysis of memory use and leaks for every test run.
  • Archived HTML output lets you easily track test results over time.
  • Outputs test reports as JUnit XML files for easy integration.
  • Plays nicely with CI tools like Hudson and Jenkins (tutorial coming soon!).
  • Achieve maintenance-free testing.

Coming soon

  • AppMap - track your app's user experience throughout the development cycle, in one simple overview.
  • FormAnalysis - review how your forms respond to different inputs.
  • Database Health - see changes to your database content over time.
  • Backwards Compatability - compare results over different versions of iOS by identifying differences in UI.
  • OnDevice testing - improve the realism of your testing by testing in hardware.

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