Essential reading – Store of the Future: The Digital Store

Red Ant, 28th May 2019

Authored by retail expert Natalie Berg in partnership with Red Ant – download now for free.


Retail expert and top global influencer Natalie Berg has partnered with retail technology leader Red Ant to author a series of three whitepapers on the Store Of The Future, the first of which is available to download for free now.

Using her years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, in this first paper Natalie Berg offers insight into the digital store and why it is the future of retail, including expert analysis of:

  • the factors driving retailers to revitalise the physical space
  • the urgency to create a frictionless in-store experience
  • the digital store’s rise to prominence

Readers will learn:

  • why the store is not dead
  • why the future is fewer, more impactful stores
  • why this is retail Darwinisim - put simply, you evolve or die

Dan Mortimer, Red Ant’s CEO, said: ‘This paper is essential reading for any retailer who wants a viable future for their business – one that’s both profitable and relevant to today’s customers. Natalie brings invaluable insight and clarity of thought to a subject which should be central to every retail strategy - the digital store and its role in the future of the industry.’

Natalie Berg, author and founder at NBK Retail, said: 'Today’s ubiquitously connected shoppers demand a seamless experience, but when they walk into a bricks & mortar store, they still encounter a lot of friction. Retailers must look to technology to bring the physical store into the 21st century and offer the ease, convenience and personalisation that shoppers could traditionally only find online. I’m thrilled to be working with Red Ant to explore how the retail industry will have to embrace the digital store and seamless shopping to survive, from frictionless checkout to hyper-personalisation and clienteling.’

 Download Store Of The Future: The Digital Store