Click & collect – a speedy way to improve your customer experience

Red Ant, 21st September 2016

Our Pick From Store app is a next generation solution for managing the click and collect process in retail stores, offering a complete end-to-end experience for staff and customers.

Our pick from store app is a next generation solution for managing the click and collect process in retail stores, offering a complete end-to-end experience for staff and customers. Built using our retail application platform, it integrates with existing OMS, WMS and ecommerce systems of record, and has dedicated front-end interfaces for every step of the process, to help you smoothly manage this vital aspect of multichannel retail.

Maximise stock usage with both pick-from-store and central dispatch

The app supports multiple fulfilment options, including colleagues picking items from store shelves and parcels arriving from central warehouses, giving you more flexibility to get your customers the items they want, regardless of location.

Improve picking accuracy and efficiency

Dedicated picking apps are available for tablet, mobile and wearable, freeing colleagues from dependence on legacy POS systems and giving them an easy to use workflow. Virtual picklists provide detailed product descriptions and images, helping colleagues reduce mis-picks between similar items and cutting down on paper and printing. Plus, support for dynamically marking the location of incoming deliveries maximises available space and stops parcels going missing or delays when customers arrive.

Provide the smoothest experience from notification to collection

Direct integration of the shop floor with SMS, push notifications and email, powered by our retail application platform, improve both the quality and timeliness of customer communications about the status of their order. A dedicated kiosk for self-check-in makes it easier for customers to collect their orders without tying up store colleagues, with call-for-assistance functionality if they get stuck. Dynamic collection instructions ensure customers always head to the right part of the store, and, for a truly seamless experience, GPS integration provided via the retail application platform can even notify colleagues to prepare orders when customers are in the store’s vicinity.

Reduce dependency on legacy systems

The unique integration options provided by our retail application platform mean you can extend, enhance and eventually replace legacy systems that are frequently crucial to the click and collect fulfilment process. From ecommerce to order management, ERP or POS, secure two-way integration can gap-fill your desired functionality even if it isn’t supported in the host system, to provide customers and colleagues with optimised user experience and a data rich experience without impacting on business-critical systems.

Increase order values and attach rates

Integration with your ecommerce recommendations engine gives customers personalised, relevant cross sell directly at the point of collection to maximise your revenue opportunities. The same recommendations can be shared with sales colleagues, empowering them with the knowledge they need to always make targeted recommendations, even for extended ranges they may be unfamiliar with.

Increase customer NPS and collection rates

The seamless collection journey and increased customer communications provided by the application can increase Net Promoter Score by up to 3 points in any store where it is deployed, providing a noticeable boost to your overall customer experience. And with an increase to overall click-and-reserve collection rates of up to 2%, you’ll see immediate financial benefits and have less unclaimed stock.