Red Ant and Novus Leisure win UK Customer Experience Award

Red Ant, 26th September 2016

Red Ant and Novus Leisure, the UK’s largest private bar and club operator, have won a UK Customer Experience Award for its industry-first real-time customer feedback and business insight application.

The UK Customer Experience Awards has become one of the most important events in the calendar for CX professionals across the UK – the Red Ant/Novus team presented to a panel of customer experience experts and an audience of industry leaders before taking home first prize for Insight and Feedback – A New Way of Measuring.

Developed using our retail application platform to integrate and orchestrate data from a variety of sources in real time, the application is designed to give Novus’ Customer Experience, Bar and Club Managers unprecedented visibility of customer data and interactions in their venues. This groundbreaking approach allows staff to act immediately to resolve any issues, adjust floor staff levels and monitor sales and activity to deliver a better customer experience with a level of speed and efficiency previously unseen in the hospitality sector. An integral part of the development process involved harmonising data across social, Net Promoter Score, survey and review websites into one KPI that can be used to compare venues against each other. This unique algorithm provides a single measurement - the Customer Experience score - that can be used to benchmark venues and give a score for the company as a whole.

We worked closely with the senior team at Novus Leisure and real users from across the business to design the application, using a collaborative, workshop-driven approach and continuous feedback from bar staff through to senior operations managers, ensuring the application provided outstanding user experience. Built using our agile methodology, the application leveraged the host of pre-existing data integrations provided by the retail application platform to dramatically increase speed to market.

First deployed into a number of pilot locations to get real-world feedback, the application has been regularly iterated upon since rolling out nationally, delivering continuous improvement and new features. This unique test-and-learn approach has yielded results that speak for themselves:

  • Increase of 27% in the unified Customer Experience score in 6 months
  • Increase of 45% in 3-month average Net Promoter Score
  • Increase of 15% in TripAdvisor 5 star average
  • 25% fewer negative posts
  • Average response time cut from 12.25 hours to 1.5 hours
  • Average response rate increased by 57%

"We are extremely delighted to pick up yet another award for our groundbreaking customer experience dashboard. We want people who come to our venues to have the best night out, and that means ensuring customers are at the heart of every decision. Working with Red Ant has allowed us to turn online data into offline action – by giving our hardworking staff the right tools and a great user experience, they’re equipped to do what they do best. This award is the icing on the cake – an endorsement of our dedication to our customers."

Novus’ Customer Experience Director Simon Gaske

"Working with Novus on this application has been the ideal project for us. They have a genuine commitment to ensuring their customers have the best possible time, and thanks to their enthusiasm for using the latest technology to make this happen, we were able to use our retail application platform to build something truly unique which gives staff all the information they need, delivered right into their hands right when they need it. Winning this award confirms Novus’ position as an innovator, a market leader and a business that has customer experience at the heart of everything it does."

Red Ant’s CTO Dan Hartveld

Watch the video for a detailed rundown of the application’s features: