Digital Strategy Whitepaper

Following the success of 'Planning and creating a digital strategy', our strategic experts have authored a major new second edition of our digital strategy white paper, now available to download for FREE.

With two entirely new sections plus a comprehensive update of the original content, ‘Planning and managing a digital strategy (PDF, 3mb)’ provides businesses with a thorough, practical, 50-page toolkit for digital engagement, encompassing planning, creation, actualisation and evaluation.

Download your copy for an expert perspective on:

  • Identifying and finding your audience
  • Turning monologues into dialogues via web and social networks
  • How to match style of message with style of audience
  • Creation, evaluation and implementation of ideas which deliver results
  • Measuring value and worth
  • How Maslow’s hierarchy of needs translates to digital strategy
  • The engagement loop and how to exploit it
  • Developing a programme for continuous improvement
  • Evaluating KPIs and fiscal achievement
  • Proven formulae for the mathematical evaluation of value, worth and performance

Let us know what you think of the paper - we value your feedback and welcome your comments, either via Twitter@red_antLinkedIn group or email:

Download now (PDF, 3mb)

White Papers

  • Stories from the shop floor

    We asked 1,000 sales staff aged 18 – 55+ how they feel about working in a highly competitive retail environment, and to measure their attitudes to customer service and technology as a way of assisting both customers and staff. The results were very revealing...

    Download now (PDF 130kb)
  • Tips for retailers

    Channels (online, mobile, in-store) don’t matter to customers – they just want to make a purchase, and it’s the retailer’s business to make it easy for them. Our new guide gives tips for delivering a seamless customer experience, whether they’re at home, out and about or in-store.

    Download now (PDF 140kb)
  • Compelling customer experience through digital

    In this guide, we look at how using digital to connect customers' purchase touchpoints can turn every shopping experience into a personal journey, with digitally-enabled sales staff sensitive to each individual's requirements.

    Download now (PDF 108kb)
  • Gaining the single customer view in a multi-channel world

    This is an in-depth analysis of the challenges brands can expect to face when gaining the single customer view across all channels – and why it’s essential to conquer them.

    Download now (PDF 299kb)
  • Digital Engagement in China

    The social media landscape in China is complex, and growing all the time. It can be tricky for brands to keep pace with its evolution and make effective judgements about where to focus their resources. This white paper takes a look at five of the most important...

    Download now (PDF 95kb)
  • Planning & managing a Digital Strategy

    A fundamental resource for meeting the challenges of audience engagement in the digital age and gives businesses a thorough, practical, 50-page toolkit encompassing planning, creation, actualisation and evaluation.

    Download now (PDF 3mb)
  • A how to guide: Going Mobile

    A comprehensive toolkit for business which will help you to plan and deliver a comprehensive mobile strategy. It offers a unique insight into how businesses can develop and maintain a practical strategy for mobile – one which will deliver measurable results.

    Download now (PDF 3mb)
  • Going global: running a Multi-language Website

    Taking the first steps towards developing a multilingual presence online can be daunting – the languages you select and the way you present them on your website need careful consideration and a sound framework for implementation.

    Download now (PDF 300kb)
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