The platform

Our retail application platform joins up your systems with pragmatic, step-by-step integrations, streamlined API orchestration, and modular, reusable processes. Bridging gaps in data, user experience, and reporting, it helps you take control of your technology, to open up a whole new range of opportunities to drive innovation, power business-as-usual, and deliver engaging store experiences.

Smarter systems

Our platform offers smarter ways to collect data, integrate with legacy providers, and quickly build engaging user interfaces across any device, reducing time to market and delivering real innovation to stores. Build, test, learn and improve – without major investment or overheads.

Proven success

Halfords used our platform to build the world’s first smartwatch enabled Click & Collect service in just six weeks. And hundreds of developers are already using the community edition to build their own connected customer experiences.

Read the Halfords Case Study See the Community Edition
Retail Week Awards with Oracle Finalist

Open data

Our platform offers secure two-way data exchange to any touch point in the network through our developer API, removing the restrictions on creating great customer experiences and rich, data-driven applications. It can even link peer-to-peer devices inside stores for instant connections and live sharing for a truly joined up approach.

Partners & integrations

We've formed alliances with some of the leading providers in the industry to speed up deployment times and provide you with a complete retail technology suite. With pre-certified integrations for many leading platforms and providers, and an open SDK to connect to new providers you may already have, we minimise the project risk and can spend more time on the things that make your solution unique.

Better systems

Unique flow-based architecture makes it easy to conceptualise, build, deploy and change, even for non-developers – all backed with developer-friendly workflow and revision management. Quickly create web services to integrate with your own front-end layouts, or use existing patterns for common business cases like endless aisle and click and collect.

Managed services

Our platform is an enterprise-grade, fully managed cloud service allowing colleagues and customers to access data across any device. Our scalable infrastructure grows with your business and can respond to peaks at a moment's notice. You can take ownership of the technology and use your existing web developers to deliver projects, or use our professional services to minimise the load on stretched internal teams.

Turn insight into action

Platform analytics can track customer and colleague behavior on every device and location, online to in-store, even from third party systems. Flexible triggers mean any touch point can be set to take action under certain conditions, allowing you to respond to customer events in real time with automatic activities and alerts. All this power is available right down to the shop floor, giving managers the insights they need to make better decisions in real-time.