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5 questions to ask your retail tech provider

With so many providers to choose from, determining the right one can be tricky. Discover the key questions you should ask a retail tech provider to ensure their software is right for your brand

It is far too easy to be tempted by new shiny solutions that promise everything, yet often cannot deliver in the long term. As the pandemic has lifted, quick-fix tech that was paramount to success is slowly losing its relevance and full retail technology systems have become the only option to provide the service that customers expect post-lockdown.

At Red Ant, we know that some retailers have signed up with a retail tech provider, only to find that the software they invested in didn’t meet their expectations. If you are still undecided on which retail tech provider to decide on or if your current provider isn’t doing the things they promised they could do, it might be time for a change.

Here are five questions to ask your retail tech provider to determine whether you’re getting the best service out there.

1.     How well do you know our company?

Not all retail tech solutions work the same way for every business. Any provider that suggests they do are most likely unable to provide tech suited to different situations specific to your brand. It is therefore integral to success that providers understand how your business works as well as making it clear how much knowledge they have in supplying tech for your vertical.

At Red Ant, we like to follow a detailed process strategy which involves auditing your existing systems and evaluating the new technologies, so we don’t give you tech you won’t find useful. We also like to do an initial in-depth briefing to determine the best way our tech can help your business grow. We have proven experience in providing the right retail tech solution for multiple verticals including cosmetics, home & furniture, luxury and even shopping centres which shows how committed we are to adapting our strategy for your specific vertical.

2.     How quickly can you implement your retail tech?

It is a reasonable concern that implementing a new technology solution could disrupt retail operations. It is therefore essential that new tech needs to have a minimal impact on day-to-day operations and is implemented as quick as possible. Retailers should be wary of tech providers who promise instant implementation as it suggests there will be areas where the software will not be integrated properly or that the tech is limited. On the other hand, providers who avoid the question should also be viewed cautiously as it might suggest an uncertainty over how long implementing their tech will take.

We pride ourselves on how we achieve a fast a turnaround from initial briefing to delivering a fully-functioning pilot. On average, our tech goes to market as early as 6 weeks from initiation to pilot implementation with a return on investment in as little as 6 months. This ensures that the tech we provide is implemented securely, fits within your requirements and gives store associates the right tools they need speedily and with minimal disruption to business as usual.

3.     Can your solution integrate with my pre-existing tech?

Retail tech providers should understand that any new retail tech must be flexible enough to integrate with a retailer’s pre-existing software, whether it’s legacy or third party. Rigid new tech software prevents using the systems already provided by legacy tech, whereas flexible retail solution software can work with key elements and evolve pre-existing operating systems.

Our all-in-one retail platform is made to develop your retail technology ecosystem by integrating with the tech you already have. We have partnered with over 60 leading software providers to ensure that usually whatever integrations your system already has will be available from the get-go. Moreover, our tech is built to be agnostic so that any customer facing changes you make elsewhere will not affect your retail tech. We also know that retail tech is always changing, which is why we ensure you have a scalable infrastructure that grows as you do.

4.     How easy is the tech to use?

There is little point to implementing new retail technology if no one uses it. Getting store associates to use the new technology rather than continuing to work how they always have can be a major challenge for retailers. Retailers have to be certain that retail tech providers have made their software not only simple to use but also the first point of call when working or their tech will be redundant no matter how innovative it is. 

Red Ant’s retail tech is made with store associates and retail managers in mind. Our tech is intuitive and includes a suite of apps to ensure users feel empowered to use it from day one which makes them actively want to use it on the shop floor. We also hold training sessions for members of the retailer’s in-store team who can train the wider workforce so that everyone knows what RetailOS can do and how it helps empower them in store. Additionally, our tech is completely headless which means that the software can be used on any iOS, Android or Windows device from desktop, tablet or mobile. This reduces barriers to using the platform in store or at HQ.

5.     Does your tech allow for data integration?

Customer data is priceless when it comes to retail as it is the greatest asset in determining retail analytics. From inventory management to clienteling services, being able to understand where, when and what customers buy is a key component of making omnichannel retail successful.

At Red Ant, we ensure your accumulated data is fully integrated into every aspect of your business to create a single customer view. Our retail solution tech then utilises this data to improve personalised sales no matter how or where customers complete a transaction. Our tech also helps streamline stock management by allowing you to keep track of inventory and quickly make accurate reorders and between-location transfers using cross-channel tracking and performance reports.

Work with a trusted retail tech provider

One of the most important elements to take into account when searching for the right retail technology provider for you is how invested they are in helping your brand succeed. At Red Ant, we view our clients as partners. We are invested in helping their stores flourish rather than just selling them the software to do so. As an employee-owned company, we do better if our clients do better, guaranteeing our commitment to helping your stores succeed.

We don’t do quick-fix tech. We make sure RetailOS supports and empowers your retail operations for the long term. By ensuring our retail platform is updated and improved to meet the needs of our clients, retailers can be reassured that the solutions we provide are up to date, forward-thinking and future proof. In fact, Red Ant's retail technology advisors have been delivering innovative technology for some of the world’s biggest retail and lifestyle brands for the past 20 years. Our award-winning tech is proven to maximise sales, deliver exceptional customer service and drive operational performance. 

If you are looking for a retail tech provider that has the knowledge and experience to grow your brand in store and online, get in touch with our team to tell us more about your retail goals today!

Retail Tech Provider discussing data with client

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