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Why choose Red Ant as your retail solution provider?

Red Ant is very different to the usual retail solution providers out there. Discover what makes us unique!

Choosing the right retail solution provider is integral to retail success but with the massive shift in lifestyle and shopping behaviour over the last few years, there has also been a significant emergence of surface-level technologies eager to capitalise on a brand’s uncertainty over how to engage with customers wherever they are.

The best way to ensure that you choose the right retail solution for your brand is to discover what makes it different from everything else. Always eager to help cut through the noise, Red Ant has created a simple list of how we are different from every other retail solution provider out there.

We are employee-owned

Unlike most retail solution providers, who are backed by investors, we are employee-owned. Therefore, we win if you are winning too. This means that we are 100% focused on ensuring the retail solution platform we provide is as useful as it can be rather than focusing on paying back funding.

Our tech is completely agnostic and headless

We ensure that our retail solutions platform can be connected to virtually any system that you already have in place. If there is a system that we have not integrated with, we can usually make it work since we have made our tech both headless and agnostic. Doing so means our clients can be certain our tech works around their operations.

Data integration

Everyone knows that customer data is priceless when it comes to clienteling which is why we make sure this data is fully integrated into every aspect of your business to create a single customer view. Our retail solution tech uses this data to help improve personalised sales no matter how or where customers complete a transaction.

Every voice matters

The relationship between a brand and its retail solution provider requires collaboration. We believe in this wholeheartedly which is why we view our clients as partners. By understanding your retail challenges, we can discover innovative new solutions and provide state of the art tech that overcomes them.

We are everywhere

Our tech is present in over 30 countries so chances are that if you have been given a great clienteling service in store, you might already have experienced some of our tech in action. Additionally, part of what makes us different to other providers is that we want to be easily accessible. We know that overseeing a company is a full time job so we want to make it simple to contact us from arranging a demo to asking for support as a client.

Our friendly attitude

Being professional doesn’t mean a business has to be distant and unemotional. We want our clients to feel appreciated, so we try to make long-lasting relationships with those we work with. As a retail tech provider, we believe teamwork between businesses must be strong which is why we don’t attempt to confuse people by throwing technical words into demos and presentations to ‘blind with science’. Our tech makes retail management and relationship building easier, so we want our talks with clients to be as simple and as friendly as possible too.

We say what we believe

Unlike some retail solution providers, we tell you truthfully what we can do and what is possible with our tech. We believe that being honest upfront by discussing what is achievable with RetailOS leads to a better relationship and will avoid any issues down the line with our tech.

We care for our community & our environment

We support many causes close to our hearts because we believe we have a corporate responsibility in using our business for good to help our local area and we are committed to running an ethical business. Not only does this make good business sense, but it also complements our core business strategy and the values we live by as a company so you can share in what we are passionate about.

We are always improving our tech

Since retail is constantly evolving, the best retail solution providers must evolve too. We always take time to ensure our retail platform is updated and improved to meet the needs of our clients. This forward-thinking attitude is what led to us winning 3 trophies in 2020’s Retail Systems Awards, as well as Retail Tech of the Year in 2021’s National Technology Awards. We were at the forefront of creating new solutions for retail during the pandemic, including comprehensive clienteling solutions for Furniture Village and Charlotte Tilbury, which enabled them to keep selling through the shopping restrictions.

A retail solution provider you can trust

Overall, we believe our retail tech to be the best solution there is, however, we want you to discover that for yourself. With a selection of retail apps at your disposal, and out of the box functionality and technical integrations all taken care of, you can spend more time focusing on the future of your business.

If you are interested in discovering all the retail solutions that RetailOS can provide, contact our retail tech specialists today

Red Ant as your retail solution provider

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