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What makes Red Ant clienteling the best for in-store personalisation?

There is a plethora of clienteling providers out there, competing for partnerships with retailers - however, many clienteling services tend to be surface level or incompatible with what brands need.

The best way to ensure that retailers choose the right clienteling solution is to therefore differentiate the good from the bad. Always eager to help retailers, Red Ant has created a simple list of how we take clienteling to the next level and why we think our clienteling solution is more in depth than other leading providers.

We cater to a whole range of clients and verticals

Due to the vast range of brands and verticals using our clienteling technology in store, we can be trusted to know what works for retailers in relation to their business model and management style.

Our data-first approach

Understanding how customers want to shop, their communication preference and what they look for from store associates is a key focus for Red Ant. To get a full view of this, we ensure collecting and utilising first-party data is a priority. Allowing our clienteling platform to seamlessly integrate with retailers’ systems not only means store associates are given the tools needed to upsell and discuss products in more detail but also helps retailers understand how else they can improve the shopping experience by providing an extensive top-down analytical view for businesses.

We are always improving our services

Retail is constantly evolving so our services must also improve to cater to the needs of retailers and their clientele. Our team of developers participate in regular workshops and meetings to discuss new improvements as well as ensure there is time to work on new updates.

We understand that store associates are brand ambassadors

Since store associates will be the main users of our clienteling software, Red Ant has made it as simple as possible to use in store. Our device agnostic software allows for any and all store associates to access all the tools necessary to personalise the store experience from the comfort of their phone or tablet.

Our solution is easy to integrate with other software

Our clienteling platform was made to seamlessly integrate with other software in mind. This means retailers can use the services and providers that best serve their needs. Additionally, since our clienteling platform is built around composable technology, the deployment of new features for store associates can be implemented more quickly, with a greater likelihood of rescuing sales and improving retention.

Our clienteling tech is created to form the building blocks for further retail solutions

We see clienteling as the foundation of an enhanced, seamless and personalised retail experience and have made it the base to all our other retail solutions. Our clienteling platform can then be connected seamlessly with several other add-ons that we can provide to deliver the most valuable customer experiences tailored to their and the retailers’ needs.

RetailOS - the world’s leading clienteling platform

At Red Ant, we make sure RetailOS supports and empowers your retail operations for the long term. Our award-winning tech is proven to maximise sales, deliver exceptional customer service and drive operational performance.

Our omnichannel retail platform brings essential retail apps together with your existing systems, content, and data into a single colleague hub and is informed by retail data analytics. With everything in one place, RetailOS permits your store associates more time to do what they're best at – delivering brilliant customer service.

Take the first step and contact us for a demo today.

Red Ant's clienteling software makes for the best in-store personalisation experience

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