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Red Ant + Scandit = superior customer experience

Red Ant has partnered with global market leader Scandit to allow store associates to perform advanced barcode scanning, ID scanning for loyalty sign-ups and data capture tasks.

Today’s customers rightly expect retailers promising a seamless experience to deliver on that promise every step of the way, from cross-channel research and conversations with store associates to purchase and checkout.

And it’s especially important not to fall at the last hurdle – when it comes to checkout, simplicity and accuracy are paramount in completing the sale. Research shows that 86% of shoppers are unlikely to buy products from a brand after an experience with inaccurate product data at scanning stage, and a complex scanning/checkout process is one of the top three reasons for abandoning a purchase.

Of course, successful retailers are aware of this – 83% of general retailers in the US and the UK have stated that they believe their customers would go to competitors if they did not offer a smooth scanning service. But to truly take the customer experience to the next level – one which ensures their loyalty and increases order size – retailers need to be able to rely on technology that ensures their clienteling process is supported by state-of-the-art scanning.

That’s why Red Ant has partnered with global market leader Scandit. Specialising in smart data capture  including barcode scanning solutions, it uses the power of mobile devices - smartphones, tablets and wearable devices - to allow store associates to perform advanced barcode scanning, ID scanning for loyalty sign-ups and data capture tasks.

RetailOS is pre-integrated with the Scandit SDK so that retailers can guarantee an elevated barcode scanning experience in-store, without having to deal with the limitations of native camera apps.

Retailer benefits

Speed and accuracy: the computer vision algorithms can quickly and reliably decode barcodes, even in challenging conditions such as low light, glare, or at difficult angles.

Advanced barcode types: Scandit supports a wide range of barcode types - this means you can use a single solution for multiple barcode types.

Damaged barcode handling: its technology can read damaged, smudged or partially obscured barcodes, eliminating errors and delays.

Augmented Reality (AR) overlay: Scandit's software can provide an augmented reality overlay to guide users when scanning. This ensures that they capture the barcode properly, reducing errors and the need for retakes. AR overlays can also provide insights such as inventory levels for on the spot customer assistance. 

Focus assistance: Scandit provides focus assistance to ensure that barcodes are captured accurately.

Cross-platform consistency: Scandit's technology provides consistent performance across different devices and operating systems.

Continuous updates: regular updates to its algorithms and features ensure optimal performance and compatibility with new devices and operating system versions.

Consecutive scanning

A key feature which benefits retailers and customers alike is the fact that when Scandit is initiated from the basket, store associates can begin scanning barcodes consecutively at high speed without needing to adjust the device's positioning or restart the scanning procedure. This is invaluable when users want to add multiples of the same item or a range of products to the basket.

This streamlined and instinctive approach enhances the efficiency of the checkout process compared to using a native camera app, which would require the user to re-initiate and manually align the barcode for each scan.

Scan settings

Finding the right sensitivity level is crucial for achieving efficient and accurate scanning results. Scandit allows you to configure the sensitivity of the scanning function to fine-tune its responsiveness and accuracy and optimise its performance to match your specific scanning environment and use case.

Find out more

Costs for elevating your customer experience with Scandit as part of RetailOS depend on the number of devices using it - contact us to find out more.

Superior scanning using Scandit has the power to speed up transactions, deliver frictionless experiences and make the checkout process as painless as possible – something that customers have come to expect as part of a modern shopping journey.

Red Ant, 17th January 2024
iPad scanning barcodes on clothing boxes

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