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What is clienteling and why does it matter in 2023?

Originally used by luxury brands, clienteling is becoming ever more expected by shoppers in all types of stores.

What is clienteling?

Clienteling is a useful retailing technique to personalise the relationship between store associates and customers. It means the establishment of long-term relationships with shoppers by using customer data that provides real-time insight into their preferences, behaviours, and purchases. This strengthens the bond between retailer and shopper, enhances the customer experience, and encourages them to return to the store.

Clienteling is the future of retail

Originally used by luxury brands, clienteling is becoming ever more expected by shoppers in all types of stores. Customers want their needs to be catered to, and clienteling allows this to become a simple task. Through an in-store app, retailers can offer truly personalised experiences to all their customers with minimal disruption or extra work.

What is the difference between clienteling and good customer service?

Good customer service and clienteling go hand in hand, but while customer service tends to take them at face value rather than proactively fostering customer relationships, clienteling equips store associates with powerful insights to enhance the customer experience and create long-term relationships which encourage brand loyalty over and above what typical customer service can achieve.

What are the benefits of clienteling for retailers?

There are many benefits to clienteling as it allows retailers to uniquely engage with their customers. It personalises the customer experience to encourage brand loyalty, increase average sale orders and promote products specifically targeted for shoppers using shopping insights. 

With data personalised to each customer, shoppers can be guided through the customer journey from the moment they step into the store and continue to be guided if they choose to go online. As clienteling solutions allow brands to capture customer activity both in store and online, they build a complete omnichannel view of shoppers which provides store associates with much needed information to upsell or complete a purchase smoothly, more efficiently and more profitably. 

Discover Red Ant’s clienteling solutions 

Our clienteling solutions are unlike any other. Red Ant's  fully integrated clienteling software equips store associates with all the necessary tools to deliver bespoke customer experiences without any hassle using data-driven insights. Red Ant delivers clienteling both in-store and online with an app that allows customers to seamlessly check out wherever they are and that offers integrated shoppable virtual consultations to allow store associates to cater to every customer’s specific desires and needs.

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What is clienteling? Red Ant's clienteling solution can improve customer experience and increase sales

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