The UK’s largest private bar and club operator Novus partnered with Red Ant to develop an industry-first live customer feedback and business insight app

A first in hospitality – award-winning multi-device application to deliver real-time data to venue managers and head office
Developed using our digital store platform to integrate data in real time - a single go-to tool for complaints, bookings and targets
Multiple data systems and social listening to enable colleagues to identify and immediately react to issues in their venues
Allows head office to spot trends, and bar colleagues to assess when and how to talk with customers

Red Ant partners with Novus to deliver award-winning analytics app

Our retail analytics dashboard gave Novus staff a unique real-time customer feedback app which helped to measure social sentiment, deliver live business insight and improve service.

What Novus wanted to achieve

Novus wanted live information to be available at the fingertips of its bar colleagues and managers via smartphone and tablet - an invaluable tool for ensuring customer issues are dealt with swiftly, gathering data on footfall, assessing popular purchases and developing targeted promotions based on real-time information.


What we delivered

The dashboard gives Novus’ Customer Experience, Bar and Club Managers unprecedented visibility of customer data and interactions in their venues

  • Allows colleagues to act immediately to resolve any issues, adjust floor staff levels and monitor sales and activity to deliver a better customer experience
  • Data across social, Net Promoter Score, survey and review websites into one KPI - the Customer Experience Score - that can be used to compare venues
  • Scores can be displayed in a leaderboard visible across the company, to promote healthy competition between venues and recognise star performers
  • Leveraged the host of pre-existing data integrations provided by the digital store platform to dramatically increase speed to market

How it works

The application provides a dashboard via smartphone and tablet which draws customer feedback and data from the business' most valuable sources

  • Social interaction - combines Twitter, Facebook posts and instant messaging into one feed where colleagues can read, reply to and act on customer comments and enquiries
  • CRM - aggregated survey metrics and reviews from ratings sites, leaderboard comparing sentiment and activity, data stored to build venue, colleague and customer profiles for more accurate business planning and targeted marketing
  • Ecommerce - full integration with Nova, the industry’s biggest PoS system, with live sales data so that venues can measure performance and adapt promotional strategies to improve footfall and purchases, based on real-time facts and figures

Live access to comprehensive data

An overview of each bar, its performance and targets allows managers to share best practice and improve overall experience, using easy-to-access live data:

  • Venue filters, so that information is specific to each venue
  • Social media feeds, and recording conversations between venues and customers on social media
  • A word cloud for trending topics on social, in reviews and surveys, giving busy colleagues an invaluable at-a-glance overview of sentiment as it happens
  • The ability to post to social media from the dashboard, allowing colleagues to address issues as they happen
  • Publishing suggested Facebook and Twitter posts for venues to encourage footfall and promote activities
  • Customer experience scoring, making it easy for colleagues and the business as a whole to pinpoint how customers feel, with a view to improving their experience


Since national rollout, the application has delivered continuous improvement and new features based on real-world feedback. This unique test-and-learn approach has yielded impressive results

  • Increase of 27% in the unified Customer Experience score in 6 months
  • Increase of 45% in 3-month average Net Promoter Score
  • Increase of 15% in TripAdvisor 5 star average
  • Winner in the UK Customer Experience Awards, the UK Digital Experience Awards and The Drum MOMA awards
  • 25% fewer negative posts
  • Average response time cut from 12.25 hours to 1.5 hours
  • Average response rate increased by 57%

"We want people who come to our venues to have the best night out, and that means ensuring customers are at the heart of every decision. Working with Red Ant has allowed us to turn online data into offline action – by giving our hardworking colleagues the right tools and a great user experience, they’re equipped to do what they do best"

Simon Gaske, Customer Experience Director at Novus