Store of the Future: The Digital Store

Download our latest whitepaper to find out why leading retail expert Natalie Berg believes the digital store is the future of retail

In the first of a three-part whitepaper series from Red Ant and NBK Retail, we explore the factors driving retailers to revitalise the physical space, the urgency to create a frictionless in-store experience and the digital store’s rise to prominence.

Retail analyst, author and founder at NBK Retail Natalie Berg explores how the industry will have to embrace the digital store and seamless shopping to survive, from frictionless checkout to hyper-personalisation and clienteling.

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About the author

Natalie Berg is a retail analyst, author & founder at NBK Retail. As one of the Top 20 global retail influencers, Natalie has produced research on a number of industry topics including: convergence of physical and digital retail, click & collect, customer loyalty, discount retailing, store of the future and frictionless commerce. She is a regular TV and radio commentator and her views on retail have been published in the FT, Guardian, BBC, The Times, Retail Week, among others. Natalie’s latest book, about Amazon's role in shaping the future of retail, was published by Kogan Page in January 2019.