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The ultimate glow-up

Charlotte Tilbury wanted to unlock its beauty secrets at home through shoppable virtual consultations.

We delivered virtual magic!

Red Ant in partnership with Charlotte Tilbury are winners of

In-store innovation of the year

Technology project of the year

High street trailblazer

Glow up your beauty consultations

Beauty advisors use our award-winning clienteling tools to offer their customers a star-quality consultation and look after their wellbeing, in-store or in the comfort of their home.

Beauty retail store of the future
Your customers expect their favourite beauty brands to take care of them
They have an endless source of looks, advice and product recommendations. To inspire their confidence, you must deliver the latest trends with personal insight, whether it's an in-store appointment or a virtual consultation.

The perfect blend of technology and one-to-one consultation

You know what your customers need because you have all the inside knowledge at your fingertips – your client book is bursting with favourites, wish lists, loves and smart recommendations that separate what’s hot from what really works for their specific skin type and tone, budget and daily regime. You're fully equipped to share your expert advice, whether it's a pre-arranged appointment in-store or a virtual consultation.

RetailOS smart recommendation

You can help customers find exactly what they’re looking for because your look books are serving up the latest trends. Whatever their inspiration, you can pull together the perfect products for your customer consultation appointments in-store or at home.

RetailOS look books

You even know how to make them feel totally safe, comfortable and relaxed wherever the consultation takes place because you have all the right tools to give them a step by step guide, from taking them through makeup and skincare choices to giving them the inside track on upcoming trends and products.

RetailOS consultations

Then, when you’ve served just the right looks to your customers so that they feel beautiful and ready for any occasion, you can make sure they’ve got everything they need by recording it all in the customer’s profile, including before and after photos, the products you used and what they liked and disliked. They’ll know just what to look for when they want to reorder or try something new.

RetailOS checkout and follow-ups

A flawless customer experience from start to finish

Whether they’ve pre-booked an appointment in-store or you're doing a virtual consultation, you’ll have no problem managing your customers’ appointments because you’ve got a complete view of what’s happening and who’s going to be looking after them. And the step-by-step consultation process ensures you know exactly what to do at every stage, either safely in-store or by connecting with your customer in their own home.

Complete your polished performance with smooth remote or contactless checkout and make it easy for the customer to relive their dream consultation in their own time with follow-ups and tutorials.

RetailOS appointment book

A complete business makeover

Bring the same stunning service with you anywhere, any time, without compromise - from pre-booked appointments to virtual consultations. You’ve got everything you need to serve up gorgeous experiences on a single device, with every sale attributed to the boutique, store or advisor who did all the amazing work, including when customers go on to buy online from a consultation follow-up email.

Your beauty advisors are your best feature, so keep them feeling safe, valued and uplifted with tools designed for colleague engagement, from internal communications and employee surveys to order management, task tracking and troubleshooting. And you’ll always be in the picture with a dashboard of real-time data analytics and actionable smart insights powered by AI technology, allowing you to effectively manage individual stores with unique control of in-store activity and implementation of safe retail measures.

Take consultations to the next level with a whole palette of carefully curated in-store experiences and virtual consultation innovations to surprise and delight.

RetailOS actionable analytics

Give your stores life with a platform built for beauty

RetailOS enables you to deliver a truly personalised, one-to-one clienteling service from a beauty consultant who knows the trends and - more importantly - the customer. All the information they need is at their fingertips, whether they're in-store or connecting with customers in their own homes.

The future beauty shopper

Find out what motivates beauty shoppers and how you can deliver an experience that meets their needs.

From ethically-sourced, natural and clean products to expert advice on how to use them, beauty shoppers are looking for a personalised, inclusive experience.

The Beauty Store Associate of the Future

Beauty retailers have led the way in investing in customer experience, from shop floor to virtual consultations and beyond. Now they're beginning to recognise that employee experience is just as important.


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