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Improve the shoe shopping experience with Red Ant’s retail platform

Take the hassle out of helping customers find perfectly fitting footwear, with frictionless shopping and contactless services.

Red Ant's shoe store of the future
Your customers want a safe, seamless, speedy shoe shopping experience
From navigating the latest trends to finding the right size, shopping for footwear can be frustrating. Put your best foot forward by giving your store associates the tools to deliver safe experiences, from runner services to contactless collections.

Deliver box-fresh experiences with our footwear retail platform

You know your customers want to feel confident to come to your store to check out the latest trends and try on their favourite brands. You have all the tools you need to make sure they can either browse safely or pick up their new shoes using runner and contactless collection services.

RetailOS dynamic displays

You’ve got all the available styles, colours and sizes at your fingertips, so your customers never leave without getting what they want, even if it’s delivered from another store or through contactless services. And, thanks to your team of runners and behind-the scenes assistants equipped with the latest barcode scanning technology who are ready to pick up and deliver requests in an instant, you get to deliver what your customer needs, even if they collect their purchases from outside the store.

RetailOS runner app

Add in seamless collection and returns for online orders and it’s a fully friction-free experience for you and your customer.

RetailOS smart recommendations

Polish up on frictionless and contactless services

Run your team safely and like clockwork, using a suite of workflow tools that brings all your day-to-day processes together using our intuitive footwear retail platform, from internal communications and employee surveys through to order management, task tracking, and troubleshooting.

Get to grips with safe store operations with real-time analytics and actionable insights that give store associates and managers the knowledge they need to take immediate action on the shop floor, with an overview of individual stores for real-time monitoring, plus unique control of in-store activity and implementation of safety measures.

You’ll have all the right tools to manage your business and sell to customers anywhere, at any time. And you’ll be able to deliver exactly the kind of service your customers expect by streamlining and integrating your processes for sales and payments across all channels on- and offline, including stock, cash and payment management, with built-in mobile and remote functionality.

RetailOS actionable analytics

Collect all your tools into a single retail platform designed for footwear

RetailOS enables you to deliver a truly seamless shoe shopping service from a store associate who knows everything about your product range and – more importantly – the customer. All the information they need is at their fingertips, whether they're providing in-store advice or a contactless service.


“We want our customers to have the best possible in-store experience, and our work with Red Ant will effectively eliminate what can be a frustrating waiting game to see if the shoes they want are in stock and the right size. It will also free up our sales colleagues to do what they do best – advise and assist customers.”


OFFICE on RetailOS

Red Ant wins Retail Technology of the Year award

We're excited to announce our win at this year's National Technology Awards - congratulations to the team!

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