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Make your customers' dreams come true

Our award-winning clienteling tools lay the foundations for store associates to curate customer experiences that are personalised, immersive and friction-free, in-store or in the comfort of their home.

Home and furniture retail store of the future
Your customers need expert help to make their house a home
They have endless inspiration online, but they're looking for a trusted advisor to bring their dream home to life, from advice on décor to choosing the right sofa fabric and arranging delivery. Whether it's a pre-arranged appointment in-store or a virtual consultation, your store associates can take care of their customers every step of the way.

Design their dream home

Creating their ideal home is at the heart of your customers’ hopes and dreams, and you can make it a reality. Whether it's a pre-arranged appointment in-store or a virtual consultation, you have access to every detail of your product range, from the basics that make DIY projects a doddle to the soft furnishings that bring comfort and warmth to the home.

RetailOS product catalogue

And, because you also know everything about your customer, including their preferences, searches, omnichannel purchase history and wish lists, you can mix and match everything across your entire catalogue in-store or at home – the perfect shade of paint to complement just the right sofa style, size and colour combination to bring a room together, the best tools to complete a passion project, the finishing touches that make it all work.

RetailOS Client Book

It’s important to get the ambience and décor right, and your dynamic displays and virtual consultations let customers see what their choices might look like, and ask for your expert input when they’re making the decisions that will turn their house into a home.

RetailOS Dynamic displays

Deliver the goods

Make it as easy as possible to provide an excellent experience whether you're in-store or giving a virtual consultation and for customers to realise their home improvement dreams with the ability to create omnichannel baskets and wish lists. Your customers will have the freedom to buy in their own way and in their own time, knowing that all of their choices have been recorded for them to review when they’re ready.

Whether they’re keen to get started or need a little more time to check measurements, plan out their project and have their purchases delivered later, your customers will find it seamless and stress-free to review their decisions and check out, either remotely or in-store. And you’ll get full attribution, wherever and whenever they decide to complete.

RetailOS complete at home purchases

Build a better, safer business

By unifying all of your day-to-day processes in a single colleague hub, you'll ensure your store associates' safety, allow them to spend less time navigating multiple systems and paperwork and give them more time doing what they do best: delivering exceptional customer service, either through pre-arranged appointments in-store or virtual consultations. From internal communications and employee surveys to order management, task tracking and troubleshooting, RetailOS brings all the tools they need under one roof, making everything straightforward from virtual clienteling to click & collect and in-store fulfilment.

You’ll have a blueprint for the future thanks to powerful AI data analysis and real-time, actionable insights that allow store associates, managers and head office to take immediate action, with an overview of individual stores for real-time monitoring and unique control of in-store activity and implementation of safety measures.

RetailOS mystery shopping and product checks

Give your stores a makeover with a platform built for home & furniture

RetailOS enables you to safely deliver a completely customised, one-to-one service from a store associate who knows everything about your product range and – more importantly – your customer. All the information they need is at their fingertips, whether it's an in-store appointment or virtual consultation.


“Red Ant has been very agile and responsive to our requirements. We've had a very productive relationship working with our two technical teams and we've produced a great solution at the end of it. We have witnessed first-hand just how effective the application is and how comfortable and familiar the experience is to customers.”

CTO, Sofology

Sofology sofa
IKEA sofa


“We chose to work with Red Ant due to their pedigree in supporting multisite retail clients. We are excited to see how we can partner to deliver a range of further high-quality innovative solutions for our co-workers – this will in turn drive fantastic improvements in the experience for our customers.”

CX Business Process & Solutions Manager, IKEA

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Their responses provide a clear snapshot of shopper sentiment, with invaluable insight into their behaviour and expectations.

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